Strategic Partnerships

United Nations Standby Partnership

As a foundation member of the Standby Partnership (SBP) secretariat, RedR Australia continued to bring SBP members, donors and United Nations (UN) agencies together to improve collective impact, accountability and coordination for the benefit of the Australia Assists program. This year, RedR managed the SBP Secretariat Pooled Funds, contracting experts responsible for the SBP Secretariat administration. RedR also continued co-chairing the SBP Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Working Group and continued membership of the Steering Committee and Duty of Care Working Group.

RedR International

RedR took important steps in FY21 to strengthen the unity and collaboration within RedR International. In May 2021, RedR Australia’s Chair, Robert Care, was elected Chair of RedR International. Through targeted executive governance coaching and programming support, RedR Indonesia was voted in unanimously as a fully accredited RedR International member.

Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific

Australia Assists deployments supported the foundational work of CDRI in India and the UN Resident Coordinator’s Offices response to COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea, Laos, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Fiji. In FY21, RedR also delivered the first Australia Assists deployment to UNESCO in Samoa, with a COVID-19 Information and Communications Technology Education Specialist. This role leveraged private sector partners to deliver blended (online and physical) education solutions to enable the Samoan Government to ensure no child is left behind, as the rising sea and climate challenges reduce access to physical school infrastructure.  

New UN Partnership

In May 2021, RedR Australia entered into its 14th UN partnership, with UNOPS, deepening our potential to work with the private sector to maximise local leadership, peace and security, humanitarian and development outcomes. UNOPS is managed by the same UN Executive Board that oversees our two other major UN partners, UNDP and UNFPA.

Australia Assists partner satisfaction

Of the 69 Performance Evaluation Reviews completed by host organisation supervisors for FY21 deployments:

  • The average rating was 4.31/5
  • 16 (nearly one quarter) deployments scored 5/5.
  • Only 2 deployments scored 3/5, or ‘less than satisfactory’.

Program Management

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