Roster Management

The RedR Australia Roster currently has 804 active members, 49 per cent of whom are female. The median age is 48 years. The roster is becoming increasingly diverse, comprising 25 nationalities. In FY21, 17 per cent of all those deployed via the roster had the socio-cultural or linguistic background of the country of their deployment.ⁱ

Roster updates

A 15 per cent increase in deployment months since FY20 required increased output across RedR Australia’s recruitment and deployment functions. In response, the team dedicated significant time and thought to how to most efficiently manage the roster of humanitarian talent, with particular emphasis on systems and processes to attract, engage and deploy roster members. Through this review, RedR determined that a new, best-in-class human resources information system was required. This led to the implementation of the new RedR Hub, an online portal which provides members and staff with a more user-friendly and highly automated experience. By reducing labour-intensive tasks, the system has increased the team’s capacity to carry out more nuanced and direct roster management activities.  

Responding to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, RedR Australia prioritised recruiting public health experts, inducting three new roster members with health-related specialisations. The roster team also renewed the priority status of key skill profiles, including:

  • information management
  • civil-military coordination
  • public health
  • humanitarian affairs
  • water, sanitation and hygiene
  • logistics
  • program management
  • gender
  • protection
  • disability inclusion
  • disaster risk reduction and management
  • climate change adaptation.
“RedR Australia has been one of the strongest partner organizations for the United Nations, deploying qualified, skilled and high-performing personnel from its roster to complex emergencies/conflicts and sudden onset disasters across the world. RedR Australia calibrated the profiles on its roster to match the needs of the United Nations.”
Office of the Assistant Secretary-General for Development Coordination.

ⁱ At a regional rather than country level, this increases to 22 deployments or 20 per cent of the program.

Program Management

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